Tiny Living Big Success

On the last installment of Two Girls and a Bunk, we liberated oatmeal from the breakfast category box it was unjustly placed in by society. This week we want to challenge the notion of what being put in a box is like and how to make the most of it. What box are we referring to? Thank you for asking, the box is more of a rectangle actually and its our 15' x 7' room that the two of us reside in. If the measurements 15' x 7' doesn't mean much to you, do not worry you are not alone. For your convenience we have measured our room to scale using our bodies. Our room happens to be one full length of Alison and Sarah long by one full length of Sarah wide. This blog post chronicles our Tiny Living and the Big Success that it has become.

Length: One Alison and One Sarah 

Width: One Sarah
On August 22, 2017 we met our room for the first time. Our initial reaction was as follows:
This is smaller than I remembered...-Alison 
You're not wrong -Sarah

As we brought in our belongings, a friend of ours set up the infamous bunk bed that we have come to know and love. We thought that this bunk bed would be your average twin over twin bed that would fit along the back wall. We thought wrong. It was a full bed with a twin over it, and it did not fit along the back wall. In fact, it takes up approximately three quarters of our room. All in all, the bunk bed that we never knew we wanted became the vessel of achieving our dream of being a 19 year-old and 20 year-old sleeping in bunk beds. 

The Resting Place of Two Girls and a Bunk

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

The challenges of living in a Sarah+Alison x Sarah sized room soon became opportunities to use our uncanny ability to visualize spaces and maximize their use. Much like city architects, we utilized the vertical space to counter the horizontal space limitations. To form our makeshift dresser, we continued to stack plastic bins on top of each other until they were too tall to reach and then we put the remaining two bins under the bed. With this fun-loving arrangement, accessing our clothes is now a high stakes game of JENGA. 
Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Ground Level Bins: The Carpet Gliders
YOGAtta Love this Studio

We initially planned to put desks in our room. We soon found that only one desk would fit. But if we both couldn't have a desk, neither one of us wanted one. That's how it rolls around here. Plus the extra space that your average student might set aside to study was then used to create our yoga studio. This yoga studio happens to be the perfect size for our mats to fit side by side. It was fate. The mindfulness attained through yoga is just as important as the mind fullness from studying. 

Who needs desks anyways?
The Perfect Fit <3
Creating Ambiance

What our room lacks in space it makes up for in personality. As there are no open surfaces for picture frames, we decided to add a personal touch by bordering the ceiling with our family photos. Our wall decor also features a hand painted Frisbee made by the random guy we met at the Baseline crosswalk at 2:00am. For aesthetic appeal we strung lights around the bed and have the pillow that our third roommate, Bailey, customized to feature all pictures of herself (including her LinkedIn headshot) and the touching phrase "Hello, I love you". 

Never Bored with this Photo Border
Art from Boulder's Finest Late Night Street Walker
Brightening up a Lovely Space

Personalized Pillows

We are HUNG up on this Idea

Sarah and Alison is our name, and maximizing space is our game. The cheat code for this game you ask? Hanging things up. Backpacks: hung up. Laundry Bags: hung up. Shoes: hung up. All of these traditionally grounded items are now defying gravity in a way that is both inspirational and efficient. See for yourself. 

Great Use of Command Strip Hooks
We aDOOR our Shoes
No Room for Laundry Hampers? No Problem.


We minimized clutter in the bathroom in two main ways. One is by putting all of our toiletries under the sink. Alison's are all nicely placed in a basket whereas Sarah took what we like to call an organized chaos approach. Also, much like most things in our life, we share shampoo and conditioner for efficiency and for coordination of personal scents. 
Under the Sink (sung to the tune of "Under the Sea" -The Little Mermaid)

Shower Caddy > Golf Caddy
Closet of Dreams

With two of us sharing a compact closet, we have really pushed the hanger bar to its limits. The once straight angle now tends to dip with the weight of our tightly packed clothing. It demonstrates the ability to withstand pressure, a beautiful metaphor for life. Also, we have put in shelves with little bins on top for storage. The bins cannot open all the way due to their close proximity to the closet door. Full range of motion is overrated anyway. 
Clothes in Close Quarters

Shelves: Organized Chaos Pt. 2

Ability to Open: 5/10 Awesomeness: 10/10
Overall Feelings about Tiny Living

The limitations of space provided the perfect framework for us to be creative and innovative in our decor. I really enjoy living in a compact room as there are less places for me to lose things. If someone came to me today and offered another 50 square feet for $0 I would straight up turn them down. Tiny Living truly leads to Big Success, and I think that having to maximize space allows me to maximize my life.
-Sarah Olson

Tiny living never appealed to me before. I mean, I've seen the shows with the families crammed into little shacks; it didn't sound like fun to me. However, this experience has been both humbling and eye-opening. I really think what we have done to fit both of ourselves and our unreasonable amount of stuff into that tiny space is impressive. Tiny Living is the way to go.

-Alison Schlichting


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