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Oatmeal Challenge

We are two roommates, Alison and Sarah, that share a room, a bunk bed, and most of our days together. This is our first blog post featuring a cause that we find to be extremely worthwhile: oatmeal. At the beginning of last week the two of us were conversing about the many benefits of oatmeal, some of which are being heart healthy, filling, cheap, and a great source of fiber, but the list goes on and on. As we discussed the benefits, we also started to wonder why oatmeal was thought of predominantly as a breakfast food. What has oatmeal done to deserve being limited to use at just one time of the day? Why weren't more people diversifying the use of oatmeal and allowing it to flourish as a versatile whole grain that can accompany a plethora of meals? The discussion continued as follows... "What if someone ate oatmeal for every meal for a week?" -Alison "That would be really healthy and affordable," -Sarah *Prolonged eye contact to show deep consideration of t